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BIG Double Reed Day 2016

BIG Double Reed Day Logo

What? Double reed day
For Who? Oboists & bassoonists of all ages & abilities
When? 9am on Sunday 27th November 2016
Where? Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London

The BIG Double Reed Day is one of the largest annual gatherings of bassoonists and oboists in the UK. It is a day filled with classes, workshops, concerts, rehearsals and performances all of which are designed to be fun and inspiring. These activities are specially geared to suit all ages and abilities. There is also a range of double reed trade stands, including Crook and Staple, displaying the latest range of double reed essentials and accessories available to support and enhance your playing.

Everyone is encouraged to learn a piece to perform in one of the performance classes. Although this is not compulsory, this is a great opportunity to have a masterclass styled session with some of the top double reed musicians in the UK allowing you an amazing opportunity to improve your overall playing. Not only will they aid you in progressing further, but will provide another teacher's perspective on the music you are playing. A pianist is provided to accompany you, so make sure you bring the piano parts along.

There are many workshops you can attend from trying baroque instruments, reed adjusting / making, trying out a contrabassoon or cor anglais, improving your breathing technique, audition preparation advice, and much more!

Finally, the day ends with two massed ensemble performances, the first for participants under 13 and second for everyone else. There are many parts, all varying in standard, enabling everybody to have the chance to join and play in one of the UK's largest double reed ensembles... (you will never have seen so many bassoons and oboes playing in an ensemble!!). Of course, the parts for this performance are usually sent out in advance so that you can practice and familiar yourself with the music.

Parents and guardians are welcome to attend the day although they may not always be able to watch all of the events, as some of the rooms are a little tight for space. For the massed ensemble performance at the end of the day, all parents and guardians are encouraged to watch.

This is truly a fantastic day and we would greatly encourage you to attend...don't forget to look out for Crook and Staple...come and meet the team and say hello!!

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