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Bassoon Reed Adjusting Kit

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This bassoon reed adjusting kit helps you to learn the skilful art of bassoon reed adjusting, using great value, quality tools! Learn how to make your reeds work to their best and enhance your to performance. read more...

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Product Description

This bassoon reed adjusting kit helps you to learn the skilful art of bassoon reed adjusting, using great value, quality tools! Learn how to make your reeds work to their best and enhance your to performance.

Make your reeds play better

This reed adjusting kit enables you to edit your bassoon reeds to ensure they are always working at their best. Most bassoon reeds aren't made for you and your instrument, so you may have noticed that they often don't work as well as they could. The knowledge you will develop with this kit will allow you to adjust your reeds in order to release their potential; both enhancing your performance and suiting your style of playing.

Ideal for intermediate bassoonists

The kit is ideal if you are an intermediate to advanced bassoonist, as it allows you to learn this precise art one step at a time, without needing to make your own bassoon reeds from scratch. As you use the tools in this kit, you will constantly learn more about the way in which reeds work to their best advantage. Being able to adjust bassoon reeds is a vital part of becoming an advanced player as it allows you to be unhindered by a poor performing reed when you play. This will enable you to develop further personal potential and perform to your best!

Great value with a free guide

This kit is great value for money as the tools are all reduced in price and we now also include a free online & printable reed adjusting guide with any purchase. This free guide has been widely respected by top professionals within the bassoon community and many teachers give out this guide to their students!

Included in the kit are:

1 x Straight Durable Ceramic Reed Knife (for scraping the reed)

1 x Bassoon Mandrel (place the reed on here to help keep the shape of the reed and to make editing easier)

1 x Bassoon Plaque (placed between the blades of the reed whilst scraping to reduce the risk of the reed splitting)

1 x Reed Making Pliers (used to adjust the wires on the bassoon reed and the throat shape of the reed)


The 'Bassoonist's Reed Doctor' book - can be used in conjunction with our bassoon reed adjusting guide to further aid your ability to adjust reeds. The book is a compact A6 size, which means that it can be easily carried around with you in your bassoon case. If you would like to purchase this item, just click the tick box at the top of the page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Tammrine D.

Bassoon Reed Adjusting Kit

Helen R.
Good value

I bought this kit for my daughter and she was able to use it at a class at the Guildhall school of music and found it had everything she needed and was good value. Great service from this company too.

Gail H.
Nice little kit

Everything you need for adjusting reeds in a handy little plastic pouch. Tools are perfectly adequate for the job and reasonable for the price. Altogether a good purchase for the adventurous bassoonist trying something new!

Daniil V.
Great adjusting kit

My first adjusting kit

Lionel Y.
Reed Kit

Ordered the Bassoon Reed Adjusting Kit but didn't notice the quote saying out of stock, however it arrived a couple of weeks later. Unfortunately one item was missing but after a short discussion via text the said item was dispatched by 1st class mail and arrived a day later. I have used the kit and all works very well.

I have purchased from Crook & Staple several times and would award 5 stars had the kit arrived complete.


Rebecca H.
Bassoon kit

Great kit!

Thomas G.
Nice and smooth

Navigating on website is easy and user-friendly. Online purchase is quick and smooth. Very friendly e-mail auto-replies and helpful comments. Great experience, thanks you!

Elena M.

Ordered a reed adjusting kit and canes.
Good quality and super fast delivery.

Linda M.
Reed adjusting kit

It looks good although have not tried it out yet.

Sue P.
Useful little kit!

Useful little kit!