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Plastic Bassoon Reed Case (8 reeds)

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This textured black plastic bassoon reed case is able to hold 8 reeds in a ribbon type holder. The interior of the reed case is covered in fabric and it says shut using two plastic 'snap' locks. read more...

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Product Description

This textured black plastic bassoon reed case is able to hold 8 reeds in a ribbon type holder. The interior of the reed case is covered in fabric and it says shut using two plastic 'snap' locks.

This bassoon reed case measures approximately 2cm x 8.5cm x 10.6cm and so will fit in most bassoon cases.

Reeds in picture not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Emily M.
Just right

This case is perfect for my son. He loves it. He is in middle school and appreciates having multiple reeds and a safe place to put them as he carries everything to and from school. It fits inside his bassoon case.
He also loves the kit we got to repair and adjust his reeds.

Jocelyne M.
Bassoon reed case

I am very pleased with the reed case! I like the fact that I can fit 8 reeds in the case in the small space. Perfect for storing the extra reeds

Peter S.
Perfect box for plenty of bassoon reeds

Good price, perfect space-saving dimensions, much lighter than my previous clunky wooden reed box. I also found I can put reeds in the same direction alongside each other (not the zig-zag pattern you see in the picture), which I like.
My only criticism is that - being light-weight plastic - the box closing mechanism doesn't easily clip together. I find I have to apply pressure to close it securely. Nonetheless, this case is heads and shoulders above others in terms of the number of reeds it can store and its overall weight and size. Thoroughly recommended! :)

Marcia M.
Great case!

I love the placement of the reed holder in the center of the case so you can alternate the the so the tips don’t hit and chip. Most cases only allow you to secure your reeds facing one way, which places Reed tips next to each other which ca result in tip damage.

Hello Marcia,
Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We are pleased to hear you love the case! Happy bassooning!
Eliza @ Crook and Staple

Patricia C.
Compact, but could be improved

I wanted a compact reed case to hold a reasonable number of reeds but which would fit into my (old-style, inflexible, pocket-less) bassoon case. The innovative design of this one, with space to "dovetail" reeds by placing alternate reeds so that they face in opposite directions, ticks the box on that front very well. However, the reeds are not firmly gripped by the insert (meaning that they can slide / swivel within the case), and the front catch is somewhat flimsy. I am looking at ways to modify / replace the insert using foam with slits cut to grip the staple, so that it holds the reeds more securely. Overall it works and is good value compared with the pricier models available, but the design could definitely be improved.

Douglas G.
Bassoon reed case

Excellent service, as usual, and the case does its job well.
Unfortunately, the reed case when in situ, is too big by a fraction of an inch to allow the lid of my instrument case to close.
That's no fault of yours, of course, and I can live with it!
Many thanks and best wishes.

Nancy C.
Plastic Bassoon Reed Case (8 reeds)

Nice little reed box, a good shape and size. It would hold 8 but I prefer to spread them out a bit!

Evelyn A.
Plastic bassoon Reed Case (8 reeds)

The inside holds the reed securely and well padded, but I guess I was expecting something different in a heavier plastic for the price.

Kwame T.

Very nice bassoon reed case have had any problems with is or my reeds thank you

Frances S.
An excellent basic Reed case

This is a good case for a student, holding 8 reeds carefully. It's plastic and quite a tight shut so important to let reeds air before closure - would be better with a small air hole somewhere but otherwise very good value